Welcome to 29Palms Scenery Design!

29Palms Scenery Design offers high quality sceneries for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

Our development group is named after our first project "Twentynine Palms Airport" in California. The airport development never reached final stage but we learned a lot for future projects and decided to relaunch it this year. It just has been released!
We're now concentrating on our next project "Samos X". Meanwhile feel free to browse through our other recent releases "Twentynine Palms", "Sumburgh" and "Skiathos", join us on Facebook or watch our videos on Youtube!

Latest News

  • 08.07.16

  • Samos International Airport has been released! You can get your copy here!

  • 30.04.15

  • Magdeburg / Cochstedt 2015 has been released! You can get your copy here!

  • 20.04.15

  • Magdeburg / Cochstedt 2015 is scheduled for release on Thursday 30.04.2015!

  • 01.03.15

  • Twentynine Palms Airport has been updated to version 1.10! You can use the Scenery Configurator to update the scenery or download the new full build from your order history.

  • 12.12.14

  • Twentynine Palms Airport has been released! You can get your copy here!

  • 11.12.14

  • Twentynine Palms Airport will be released tomorrow, Friday 12.12.14 at 3:00 PM GMT/UTC!

  • 22.11.14

  • Our own webshop and forum have been launched! We are looking forward to your visit at 29palms-forum.de and 29palms-store.de

  • 29.09.14


    Hey everybody, here's our roadmap for the next months:
      • Our WEBSHOP will be launched in a month if everything goes to plan.
      • It will be introduced along with the release of a freeware tool for developers, the CUSTOM SCENERY CONFIGURATOR. It can be used for non-commercial projects and allows simple control of scenery files via XML editing. This makes it possible for everyone to switch seasons or provide certain levels and density of detail.
      • The shop will also provide high quality 3D MODELS which can be used in scenery projects, rendering, architectural visualization etc.
      • Back to our roots - the next scenery will be TWENTYNINE PALMS AIRPORT. A beautiful airport located in a desert, close to major hubs such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palm Springs.
      • Right after that we will start working on SAMOS which will be completed over the winter. We expect an early spring release.
      • Afterwards we will take care of our very successful add-ons SKIATHOS and MYKONOS. They will get a complete overhaul. Skiathos gets an additional apron according to our greek contact Kyprianos Biris. We'll include that and much more. Also expect Prepar 3D v2.4 (or even v3?) compatibility.
      • We're also proud to introduce our new SCENERY MANAGER. You'll be able to control all our sceneries with one tool, just a tab-switch away. That tool will also provide a build-in updater.

  • 24.06.14

  • New website launched! A store will follow soon.

  • 28.05.14

  • Scenery Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg: Boxed version available here.

  • 21.05.14

  • Scenery ORBX/29Palms Sumburgh has been released! Go get your copy at the FlightSimStore.

Latest Screenshots

Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 01 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 02 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 03 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 04 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 05 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 06 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 07 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 08 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 09 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 10 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 11 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 12 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 13 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 14 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 15 Scenery: 29Palms - Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP 16

Latest Videos

Scenery: ORBX/29Palms Sumburgh EGPB Scenery: 29Palms - SkiathosX Scenery: 29Palms / LimeSim - Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg Scenery: 29Palms - MykonosX

Latest Reviews / Awards

  • iFlySimX about Sumburgh:

  • "29Palms have done it again. Yet another remarkable and highly detailed airport. With its excellent flexibility thanks to the detailed control panel, users can enjoy all the aspects of this excellent release. The great use of the sloped runway and taxiways make for a challenging and realistic approach, and the superb ground details represent another achievement for the developers. Regardless of flying style, Sumburgh has something for everyone." Score: 5 / 5

  • Award Sumburgh iFlySimX
  • FSMagazin awards Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg:

  • Tip of the editors

  • Mutley‘s Hangar about Southampton:

  • "This is one of, if not the best of Orbx's larger airport releases. Visually superb, both the textures and the animations will not disappoint you, however high your expectations! Taking into account the couple of problems listed above, to me, cost it half a point in the Level of Detail category but as the award says below, Outstanding!" Score: 9.9 / 10

  • FSMagazin awards Mykonos and Skiathos:

  • Tip of the editors

  • Flusinews awards Skiathos (german review):

  • Score: 9.5 / 10

  • Mutley‘s Hangar about Skiathos:

  • "The hard working guys at '29 Palms' have produced a piece of outstanding, quality scenery on our behalf, that it would be a shame not to add it to your scenery library. [...]

    A beautiful little island made better by the marriage of photo scenery and 29 Palms' superb 3D modelling. Even the price tag doesn't let it down, £19.00 and pennies for either the download or the boxed version. A snip in my opinion, as I dare to repeat myself, Skiathos X is not just an airport, it's a whopping 100km2 of idyllic scenery to explore." Score: 9.25 / 10

  • FlightM.com about Skiathos (german review):

  • "With Skiathos X the software development group 29Palms has, once again, proven its talent.Seldomly does one find detailed sceneries, resembling those brought forward by 29Palms, on the market. It remains yet to be seen whether Skiathos X will be a huge success, but it definitely has the potential. A few minor bugs don‘t cloud the overall impression and will surely be fixed soon. We can only commend them, thank them and declare the scenery to be a real tip. With 22,96 Euro the price is reasonable and reflective of their fairness."

  • Avsim.com (Review of Mykonos X and Gibraltar X):

  • "In conclusion, these two sceneries are well worth the investment. The download version Gibraltar X comes at a price of $20.27 USD while Mykonos X comes at a slightly higher cost of $21.34 USD. The quality of these sceneries is very high and it not only entails the airports themselves but also the surround areas. In some cases the entire region was completed revamped. [...]
    Mykonos X features a tropical like atmosphere which is second only to the Caribbean islands. The beauty of this region was perfectly captured and if you are looking for a holiday destination to add to your simulator then this is definitely one you should consider." Score: 10 / 10

  • simFlight.com about Mykonos:

  • "This is a scenery package for everyone. It has great visuals and is customizable to match your system’s capabilities. The developers have clearly put a great deal of effort into making Mykonos X a realistic and interesting addon that you will want to come back to again and again."